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Over 20 years CCM has trained over 75 men and women in faithful gospel ministry. Here you can read a little from some of those who have benefited from the ministry internship scheme.

Braden Forrest2016-2017Serving as a Church Member in New Zealand

During my time in the apprenticeship at Christ Church Mayfair the confidence of my faith and maturity for the love of God and his word equipped me to use new skills to serve in my church back home in New Zealand.

Clare Lucas2016-2017Gospel Generations Trust Trustee

I learnt so much about our great God, how to know him better, and how to teach others about him. That year of training equipped me so well for better serving my church family, and for sharing the gospel with others.

Daniel Anderson-Obeng2019-2020Missionary, Gambia

My internship in CCM gave me the opportunity to sharpen my preaching and teaching skills as well as discipleship. The training and supervision encouraged me to keep working among the least reached people groups in the Gambia.

Laura Nelson2001-2003Church Planter in Paris

It gave me training in ministry in the context of urban church-planting. It definitely equipped me to cope with the chaos and to keep focussed on the priorities of evangelism and Bible-teaching, while being flexible on everything else.

Phil Allcock2001-2003Assistant Minister at Christ Church Mayfair

Without the apprenticeship I would probably not have moved into full-time ministry until later in life. The apprenticeship gave me the chance to dip my toe into the water – to spend time being trained in and given practical experience of teaching the Bible.