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London:Living? is a podcast which explores the challenges we face as modern Londoners, and how the Christian faith speaks hope into uncertainty.

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Season 3

Mental Health & Resilience: PJ

PJ, a business owner, speaks about our desire for resilience in the struggle with mental health.

Fighting Inequality: Penny

Penny, an equal rights advocate, speaks of our longing to create a fairer society and the challenges we face in fighting for it.

Season 2

Peace of Mind: Ollie

Ollie, threatened by a dangerous heart condition, speaks about finding peace of mind in the face of uncertainty.

Death & Loss: Phil

Phil shares his experiences following the sudden death of his brother in a military accident.

Racism & Injustice: Vera

In this extended episode Vera shares her experience of racism and injustice.

Season 1

Performance & Pressure: Norman

Norman, a senior executive for an international energy company, speaks about the performance culture of the work place.

Control & Physical Safety: Connie

Connie speaks about our desire for personal control and the impact of insecurity on mental health.

Self Fulfillment & Legacy: Jesse

Jesse, entrepreneur and business owner, speaks on the desire for fulfillment through personal success.

Got Questions?

Maybe you have questions about how the Christian faith and it's message about Jesus can bring hope to all types of people in all kinds of situations. Here are some ways you might have those questions answered:

1. Talk to a Friend

If a friend shared this podcast with you then you could talk to them and ask them how their faith helps them through the ups-and-downs of life.

2. Listen to a Service

You'd be welcome to join our weekly services where you could hear more on what Christianity says to modern Londoners from all backgrounds. Service times and details are on our homepage.

3. Get in Touch

We'd be glad to answer any questions you have and share with you the hope we have. You can find Nick's details at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively this short video explains the person at the heart of the solid hope that Christians enjoy.

Find out more

Nick would love to hear from anyone with questions about Christianity and the hope that it brings.

Nick Ashton
Assistant Minister