Christ Church Mayfair runs thanks to the service of many people but we are also fortunate to have a wonderful staff team.

Here are some words about each of them so that you can get an idea of the kind of people we are.

Matt Fuller
Senior Minister

Matt became a Christian during his time at university through the faithful lifestyle and witness of some friends. He met his wife Ceri there, although it took 7 years before he finally ground her down and she agreed to marry him. They are very grateful to God for their son, Nathan.

Before training for ministry, Matt taught history and politics at secondary schools in Birmingham and London. He was on the staff of this church when it was planted in January 2001 and now gets nervous when he has to leave the city centre and venture into the countryside. He still enjoys reading History and Politics books (for fun!), but nothing gives him greater joy than seeing someone come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Phil Allcock
Associate Minister

Phil grew up in a Christian home and is forever grateful to his parents for teaching him to trust in Jesus from an early age. He started working life as a lawyer in the city and was part of the original team that planted CCM back in 2001. Having trained for ministry and then planted a church in Clapham he’s delighted to be back!

Along the way he married his lovely wife Juliette and they have two little boys, Alfie and Archie, and a dog named Milo. Free time is spent trying to ensure the boys and the dog are sufficiently tired by the end of each day.

Scott Furey
Assistant Minister

Scott grew up in a Christian home in Northern Ireland and at the age of 13 understood that Jesus had died for him. It wasn’t until he left school that he really read the Bible for himself and even longer before he grasped the wonder of God’s grace.

Since then Scott has had the privilege of sharing that grace with others, through time working for Christ Church Cambridge and then at Oak Hill College. Scott has grown to love London, through exploring it with his wife Sharon and his sons Callum and Noah. He loves swimming in the sea, a good novel and any form of cake! Scott oversees our student ministry.

Sharon Walsh
Operations Manager

Sharon was brought up going to church, but it was only in her first year of work post-university that the Holy Spirit opened her eyes to see that being good wasn’t going to get her into heaven and that it was only possible through the death of the Lord Jesus, which was, and still is, a big relief and great joy.

After working in publishing for seven years, she found herself being administrator of the church where she put her faith in Jesus. She’s been on staff at CCM for a number of years helping with the practical side of church ministry and is part of the Leadership Team with Matt and Phil. Sharon is married to a New Yorker - Tom - and takes seriously her responsibility to educate him into the glories of The Great British Bake-off in exchange for an introduction to the complexities of baseball. 

Ben Slee
Music Pastor

Ben is thankful for His Christian family, who brought him up to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord from a young age. God has preserved in his memory a conversation with his mum when he was four years old, where he first trusted that Jesus can take our guilt away through His death on the cross.

Ben is thankful too for the youth leaders and pastors who have cared for him growing up, through studying music in London, and since joining the team at CCM in 2014. He and his wife, Sarah, are thankful for their two children Abigail and Elijah.

James Kight
Children's Worker

James was brought up going to church, and is thankful for the many people who taught him about the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. However, it was only at the age of 16 that he turned from trying to earn forgiveness of sins, to trusting that forgiveness can be freely given to him through Jesus.

Since then, James moved to London to study chemical engineering, and joined Christ Church Mayfair where he met his wife Sam. When he has a spare moment from chasing after his children, he enjoys reading, and playing sport.

Liz Hayden
Pastoral Staff

University was a significant turning point in Liz’s life; although she’d grown up going to church it was through meeting the Christian Union at the Glasgow School of Art that she discovered the fullness of life Jesus brings. Liz graduated and moved to London, joining the Christ Church family in 2011. She left London a year later to experience life in the much more hectic city of Beijing.

On her return to the UK she spent five years working with university Christian Unions in southwest London, helping students to live and speak for Jesus. Liz joined the church staff team in 2016 and co-ordinates the women’s ministry, particularly amongst the evening congregation. Liz has been reliably informed she has a distinctive, but infectious, laugh.